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    Audio Minutes logo is offering the audio-webcasting functionality offered by audiominutes as a fully integrated module of the system.

    Audio recordings can be uploaded into the system, and linked from agendas.

    Alternatively, if hosted elsewhere, the links can point to an external location from an agenda. 


    audiominutes is an audio webcasting solution for Councils and Public Authorities to help improve communication, engagement and transparency with a wider audience.

    Delivering the service via our committee management system offers you, our customers, the benefit of implementing the audiominutes service smoothly and seamlessly.

    Please see the current audiominutes testimonial video to help you better understand the product.

    audiominutes offers a high quality audio system that is simple to operate with a tablet computer connected to your audio system. It allows authorities to audio webcast meetings live over the internet and build a library of meetings for residents and other interested parties to access at their convenience, either over the internet or from iTunes.

    All you need

    Here is a breakdown of pricing and what is required for set up:
    We offer Pay as you Go = £25 per meeting
    Or, monthly contract at £325 per month 
    (minimum contract of 1 year, but you can terminate anytime by giving us 3 months notice)

    Set up requirements: 

    You'll need a Tablet or Phone running the Android operating system
    A WiFi connection to the internet
    A 'line-in' audio feed via 3.5mm jack
    Depending on your set-up, you may need an attenuator pad - this will supply this free of charge

    Agenda Tagging

    audiominutes links to, so that meeting schedules, agenda items and supporting information can be effortlessly imported to save time and duplication.

    Agenda items are ‘tagged’ as the meeting progresses which means that listeners to recordings later are able to directly locate the item(s) that interest them by means of a pull-down menu. The system will link to the Council’s Twitter feed and will ‘tweet’ to followers when the meeting is started and as each agenda item commences. 

    More information on audiominutes comprehensive features can be found here.

    Library of Recordings

    Whether you want to broadcast your meetings live or create a library of recordings, audiominutes within is the solution for you. 
    Let us help you take your meetings to an audience that can listen anywhere, any time and on any device. 

    Please contact us to get you started.
    Product website:

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