Elected Members

modern.gov supports the management of citizen focused government and open decision-making, leading to accountability and inclusiveness

People meeting and making decisions

modern.gov has a comprehensive database of Members' details that can be displayed as a members page on the intranet and internet. Data that can be held and displayed includes:

  • Photographs
  • Surgery details
  • Contact information
  • Executive responsibilities 
  • Committee memberships
  • Membership of external bodies
  • Biographical information
  • Election results
  • Attendance records
  • Register of interest
  • Gifts and hospitalities
  • Declaration at meetings
  • Call-in history

All of the above (as with all modern.gov features) are optional and if you do not want the data to be displayed on one or more of your websites, it can be disabled.

As well as being able to display a comprehensive page for a single member, modern.gov can also display lists of members with thumbnail images. These pages can be sorted alphabetically, by ward or party and we also have a 'Find my councillor' page that includes a postcode search.

All members can have their own personal website for no extra cost to the council. The websites are very simple to create and update and will greatly improve Members' visibility to the general public. Blogs and online discussions also available. If desired, any changes to the member maintained pages can require approval by a nominated group of officers before they are published onto the websites ensuring compliance with local content guidelines.

Members can, independently of democratic services, notify their attendance or otherwise in advance and even substitute a reserve Member to attend meetings on their behalf. modern.gov will automatically update the stored information and notify all parties.

modern.gov can also display MP, MEP, Regional Representatives and Mayoral details.



Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how modern.gov may be able to assist.