ePetitions, eConsultations, subscribe to updates, workflow forms, blogging, mini sites, social networking - modern.gov does them all

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Subscribe to updates

Members of the public, officers and members are able to subscribe to a list of topics, committees and wards that they are interested in. Overnight modern.gov compares all of the subscribers' interests with the new items published that day and sends each subscriber a personalised email with details of the items they may be interested in.

Online Consultations

modern.gov enables online questionnaires to be created very quickly via a web browser. These can then be published on your website (associated with a plan item if required), allowing the public to express their views on the matter. All items submitted by the public are held in the modern.gov database, so that they can be reviewed and analysed.

Online Petitions

A highly configurable solution that allows citizens, officers and members to submit an ePetition which is published to your website after an officer approval process. The petition can then be signed by website visitors and the current results displayed. Paper petition results can be included in ePetitions or displayed on their own.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how modern.gov may be able to assist.