Report Management provides features to streamline administrative duties leading to greater efficiency, by eliminating delays, duplication of effort and cumbersome manual techniques

Keyboard has a sophisticated workflow based report writing and reviewing system that can be accessed by any officer via the intranet site.

The report management module offers the following features:

  • File format independent. Report files can be of any form, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other format you wish to use
  • Multiple template support encouraging consistent report formatting
  • Web based: Reports can be created, edited, reviewed and signed off on the intranet from your web browser
  • Full integrated with our configurable workflow features. The system will automatically notify each person when they need to work (write, review sign-off etc) on the report
  • Full history held of all the released versions of the reports
  • Administrator features that give full control to democratic services
  • Central storage of report files. This not only avoids versioning problems and loss of work but also allows for reassignment of the work and the latest working version should the currently assigned person become unavailable



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