Environment runs in a very standard Microsoft Windows Server environment and is very flexible when it comes to server configurations. Based on industry standard SQL Server and .Net technologies to fit with your corporate environment. The simplest configuration uses a single server machine, although components can be deployed on multiple machines to best fit with your existing infrastructure and security policy. Separate Intranet and Internet (public facing) web sites are supported as is an Extranet site if required. The system is designed to run on a standard LAN environment. It can be deployed in WAN environment using Windows Terminal Services or Citrix technology.
A hosted solution is also available via our secured datacenter requiring minimal infrastructure and outlay on your side.  

For detailed technical requirements, please contact us.


We recognise that does not exist in a vacuum and has to be able to communicate with other systems. We have a number of 'off-the-shelf' integrations, described below, and are always happy to consider developing further ones.

Our standard technique for integration is via XML web services (as recommended in the e-GIF guidelines). already has an extensive set of XML web services available for use by other systems and for developing in-house widgets etc.


Standard Integrations

Xpress Elections Management System

Eliminate double keying of election data.  Candidates and results transfer seamlessly from Xpress Elections Management System to for display on your website via the election pages.

Webcasting integration currently integrates with the following webcasting system:

  • Audio Minutes
  • Public-i
  • Media on demand

Please get in touch to enquire about any other alternative webcasting integration.


Sharepoint repositories can present themselves as drives / network locations.  You can therefore use material from Sharepoint much as you would from a local or network drive.
If you want to integrate further with your Sharepoint implementation then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

EDRMS integration

Electronic Document Record Management System (EDRMS) integration with will automatically save all documents that are added into into the EDRMS file plan. The file plan is user definable in We currently cater for file plans for meetings, plans and issues. We also ensure restricted documents are saved into restricted folders in the EDRMS and can add a user definable caveat to the folder. You can also browse the EDRMS from within and load files into directly from the EDRMS. We check out/in and increment version numbers and automatically check we have the latest version of a document. We use the EDRMS web service for integration.

Current EDRMS integrations supported are:

  • R/KYV
  • Hummingbird
  • Livelink

Alternative EDRMS integrations are developed for a fixed standard cost. Please enquire for more details

LLPG integration can integrate with exchange, replicating all of the meeting events.

Open Election Results

Election results are displayed with the appropriate XML markup such that they are compatible with the Local Open Data Community RDF standard for election results.