Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group

"Wolverhampton CCG recently implemented Modern.Gov as our Committee Management System.

All the members of the Support Team at Modern.Gov have provided excellent technical service in a professional and friendly manner both during and after the implementation of the system. They have worked to a high standard, the Support Desk have responded to our requests rapidly and provided expert technical knowledge when required.

As a result we have been able  to successfully roll out the Modern.Gov system across a number of our Committees and are looking to extend this to other areas within the Organisation."

Vijay Patel - Business Officer (April 2016) wolverhamptonccg.nhs.uk

Aylesbury Vale District Council

"The Website team here at Aylesbury Vale District Council are switching over to our new website on Monday 3rd of August. I would like to thank you and your team Ginny, Alex, James, Angus, Stan, Simon, and of course Jeremy and Carolyn (hope I haven't missed anybody out) for getting us ready in believe it or not approximately 13 working days from receipt of our first day of training.

Personally I think this is rather an epic achievement, that we would not have been able to accomplish without the incredible support received from the modern.gov team. Thank you all so much for your unending patience with the probably hundreds of e-mails you have received from us."

Karen Russell-Surtees - IT Project Leader http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk

Wokingham Borough council

One of our new customers' Members are so happy with the modern.gov product, they just had to Tweet to tell the world! 

See https://twitter.com/WokinghamBC/status/515214752256372736 . 26th September 2014

The team at Modern Mindset look forward to helping Wokingham BC achieve great success with the modern.gov system.

Wokingham Borough Council modern.gov       

Gravesham Borough Council

"I would like you to pass on the thanks of the Committee Team for the excellent service we always receive from Modern.Gov. The system was fantastic when we signed up 7 years ago and it still continues to be a leader in its field."

Gravesham Borough Council modern.govSue Hill - Committee and Elections Manager (September 2013) http://www.gravesham.gov.uk/


Central Bedfordshire Council

"We are grateful at Central Bedfordshire Council that when this council came into being in 2009, two of the legacy authorities used Modern.Gov so it was the obvious choice for us. Others have said before how well it supports the business of a Committee Services team and we would certainly agree. Modern.Gov delivers a great product with generic processes so that when, for example, the law suddenly required the publication of officer actions at an unexpected level of detail, Modern.Gov had systems in place which made it easy to comply. What is truly outstanding is Modern.Gov’s commitment to supporting their customers. They developed the app which is free, and absolutely brilliant. They are always responsive and help us with customised fixes. They don't laugh at us when we ask daft questions. They provide the user group forum and meetings which enables us to meet with other users and discuss issues. We think they are a quality outfit."

Central Bedfordshire Council modern.govMel Peaston -  Committee Services Manager (July 2013)  http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/


West Berkshire Council

"The Modern.gov Committee Management system has been a tremendous addition to the Democratic Services Team, enabling agendas and minutes to be compiled, circulated and published easily and quickly. We also use the system to publish Members' details and Register of Interests as well as e-Petitions. It also enabled us to publish our Election 2011 results and statistics. Now that we are all comfortable in using the system it is hoped that we can start using some of the other functions available in the future, including the Modern.gov app.

We always find the support team to be friendly and extremely helpful, with phone calls and emails being answered quickly and any problems resolved as soon as possible. We would certainly recommend this system to any other organisation who were thinking of using it."

 West Berkshire Council modern.gov Helen Bartholomew - Information Officer (July 2013) http://www.westberks.gov.uk


London Borough of Tower Hamlets

"Tower Hamlets have been using modern.gov software for a number of years now and we can no longer envisage working without it. As well as efficiently providing for the regular committee management requirements as you would expect, it continues to expand its related tools and features to support areas such as election results, Councillor information and report management.

The help desk are extremely friendly and quick to react should any issues arise and I am always impressed by how many suggestions for additional features/tools get quickly taken on board and added to the next build.

With the support of senior management we expect the Council’s use of Modern.gov to grow exponentially in the next couple of years to cover many more internal meetings, new tools for Councillors and of course the tablet computer app to dramatically update the way we operate."

London Borough of Tower Hamlet modern.gov Matthew Mannion - Committee Services Manager (July 2013) http://www.towerhamlets.gov.uk


City of Stoke-on-Trent Council

"Stoke-on-Trent City Council has been using the modern.gov system for several years now and we are very pleased with it. The system is easy to use, fully configurable for our local needs, and keeps up with the changes in legislation affecting local government. A priority for our authority is the paperless agenda, and new developments to the system such as the iPad and Android apps are helping to make this a reality. The helpdesk team at modern.gov are very helpful and obliging over any issue, big or small, and we would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone."

Stoke on Trent council  modern.gov Nathan Dawkins - Democratic Services Officer (May 2013) http://www.stoke.gov.uk


Cheltenham Borough Council

"We have been using modern.gov at Cheltenham Borough Council since September 2010 and can't imagine how we managed without it. It has considerably improved our efficiency in producing agendas and minutes and there are a wide range of other facilities which we use such as publishing decisions and the management of outside bodies. We find the support desk very helpful and Modern Mindset are always keen to work with councils to develop the system to meet the changing needs of Democratic Services."

Cheltenham Borough Council modern.govRosalind Reeves - Democratic Services Manager (May 2013) http://www.cheltenham.gov.uk/


The London Borough of Waltham Forest

"The London Borough of Waltham Forest is delighted with the modern.gov software suite, which provides us with a comprehensive solution to maximise efficiency in our working practices. We are proud to work closely with the software team in finding the means to address recent legislative changes in a straightforward manner which delivers increased transparency to our decision-making processes. The iPad app is central to our delivery of paperless meetings and its intuitive interface has won the praise of councillors and officers alike. We are looking forward to completion of the remote hosting agreement to ensure that we benefit from MML’s quick server response times, data security measures and guarantee of always having immediate access to the latest software build. The support team is second to none in their response times, friendliness and ability to solve issues of any severity; the user forum is an invaluable resource to share best practice with our colleagues at other authorities. We would not hesitate to recommend modern.gov to anyone considering a committee management system."

 LB Waltham Forest modern.gov  Holly Adams - Head of Democratic Services (May 2013) http://www.walthamforest.gov.uk​

London Borough of Lambeth

"We have used modern.gov for a number of years now and find the system easy to use. If there are any issues these are quickly resolved by modern.gov’s support team who are always very professional and efficient when dealing with us. Mark and the modern.gov team are very open to development ideas and enhancements, and work collaboratively with us to develop the scope and efficiency of the system. We have received positive feedback from our councillors about modern.gov ipad app and look forward to future Social Media enhancements within the system."

LB Lambeth modern.gov Tim Stephens - Democratic Services Manager (April 2013) http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/home.htm


Oldham Council

"The system itself has helped us along the modernisation journey, and assisted in providing some printing savings alongside improved accessibility to the decision making process. The team that supports modern.gov however have been extremely helpful, from the initial set-up to ensure a prompt transfer from an existing system, to constantly responding to feedback and providing new features. They are always willing to talk to you through issues, however technical the nature, and their ability to be contacted at a moments notice when an urgent problem has arisen is first class."

Oldham Council  modern.gov Steven Garratt - Constitutional Services Officer (April 2013) http://www.oldham.gov.uk/


Bracknell Forest Council

"Using modern.gov has greatly improved the efficiency of the Democratic Services team whilst also enabling us to reduce the number of paper copies of agendas printed by over a half, thereby reducing printing costs. In addition, support from Modern Mindset has always been excellent."

Bracknell Forest council modern.gov Derek Morgan - Principal Democratic Services Officer (Committees) (April 2013) http://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/home


St Helens Council

"St Helens Council have used modern.gov since September 2009. It reduced our printing budget dramatically. Nothing is too much trouble for the support team. They are always quick to respond to emails and sort out any queries. It is impressive the way that modern.gov has developed over the years. We now have the Extranet which we use for our Committees with external partners and also the App with Restricted Access."

 St Helens Council modern.gov Joanne Griffiths - Democratic Services Manager (April 2013) http://www.sthelens.gov.uk/


London Borough of Barnet

"Following a competitive procurement process, the London Borough of Barnet selected modern.gov as the supplier for our committee papers content management system. We have been extremely impressed by the system which has delivered significant savings in terms of staff time. In addition, the system has been fully integrated with our new website to deliver an improved and seamless service to our new customers. Barnet are looking at phase II implementation which will include the work programming and reporting functions and a pilot of the iPad/android apps. Overall an excellent system and first class support team."

 LB Barnet modern.gov Andrew Charlwood - Governance Service (April 2013) http://www.barnet.gov.uk/


London Borough of Hackney

"modern.gov has introduced simple and effective methods, of creating and publishing online committee papers, Forward Plans, E-petitions and the Council’s calendar of meetings, as well as publishing Members and Outside Body information. The support staff have been responsive and helpful and creative with developing and customising the software to suit the needs of the authority and choosing modern.gov as the Council’s committee management software has proven to be a very positive experience."

LB Hackney modern.gov Scott Hyde - Governance Services (April 2013) http://www.hackney.gov.uk/


Brighton and Hove City Council

"modern.gov has brought significant changes for Democratic Services. Enabling us to improve our own performance management – agendas and minutes are more easily co-ordinated and deadlines set for receipt and publication of papers; reduce print costs thereby improving our carbon footprint and making savings; accessibility with the mod.gov app enables councillors and members of the public to view agendas on-line as soon as they are available and ‘submit to updates’ enables people to keep track of particular issues; the report management system enables us to produce a Committee Work Programme (Forward Plan) and Committee Work Plans – used for internal co-ordination of items for future meetings with departmental management teams. The system also enables us to work with colleagues in electoral services to detail elections results on our web pages as they are announced. I cannot fault the support service and would recommend modern.gov to any aspiring Democratic Services Team."

 Brighton & Hove City Council modern.gov Mark Wall - Head of Democratic Services (April 2013) http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk


Southampton City Council

"We have been using the modern.gov system since October 2009. During which time it has been invaluable in transforming the efficiency with which we publish agenda and minutes. We receive excellent back -up support from modern.gov and can see that by developing the functions within the system further we will be able to further improve and enhance our decision-making process."

Southampton City Council modern.gov Sandra Coltman - Democratic Services Manager (April 2013) http://www.southampton.gov.uk/


Gloucestershire County Council

"We have been using modern.gov for four years and it has transformed the way that we produce documents and manage councillor records. We are using the election management pages for the first time to publish nominations and record the results for the May 2013 election. We will be encouraging new councillors to go paperless using the new app available for tablet devices."

Gloucestershire County Council modern.gov Simon Harper - Democratic Services (April 2013) http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/


Ryedale District Council

"The use of modern.gov at Ryedale has transformed the way the Council’s decision making processes are administered and enabled a wide range of information to be made available online at the click of a button, bringing considerable savings in staff time."

Ryedale District Council modern.gov Simon Copley - Democratic Services Manager (April 2013) http://www.ryedale.gov.uk/


Wigan Council

 "Wigan  Council chose three firms to consider when looking into the introduction of a Committee Administration software package.  We needed a more effective way to publish agendas, reports and minutes to the web in a shorter timeframe.
We eventually chose Modern.gov (later to be called Modern Mindset Limited) and the system went live in May 2010.
The Company have been very helpful to the team at Wigan during the initial training and ongoing support when required.  The system is great to use and we have made savings in time and copying.
We are continuing to expand our knowledge of the system and our Councillors are getting to grips with the email alerts to say that agendas and minutes are on the web and are ready to view.
On behalf of the team at Wigan I wish to thank Modern Mindset for being patient with us and for helping us to get off the ground with this superb system."

Wigan Council modern.gov Christine Charnock-Jones - Principal Committee Services Officer (February 2011) http://www.wigan.gov.uk


Staffordshire County Council

"Staffordshire County Council originally intended to develop an in-house committee management information system.  Due to the cost and complexity of the project this was abandoned.
We looked at a number of software providers and spoke to other local authorities and came to the conclusion that the modern.gov package was the one for us.  It is fast becoming the industry standard, offers a wide range of features as well as meeting our needs in terms of flexibility, reliability and ease of use.  
Support from modern.gov has been excellent – they supported us through the ‘start up’ phase as well as responding to our cries for help immediately!
We are looking to continue to expand our use of the system and modern.gov are always positive when responding to suggestions for improvements and new developments.”
 Staffordshire County Council modern.gov Lynne Coates - ICT and Communications Officer (January 2010) www.staffordshire.gov.uk


Canterbury City Council

"We have been delighted with the way Modern.Gov has modernised the management of our committees and agendas.  The system paid for itself within 12 months on the back of efficiencies introduced as a result of its implementation.  I must also put in a word for the modern.gov support team, who have always been extremely helpful in resolving problems and working with us to develop the system.”

 Canterbury City Council modern.gov Matthew Archer - Assistant Head of Democratic Services (January 2010) www.canterbury.gov.uk



London Borough of Bexley

"The London Borough of Bexley acquired the Modern.Gov system in October 2008.  We are very pleased with how the system has transformed the work that we do.  Our agendas and minutes are now much easier to publish and we have saved resources by reducing the amount of time we spend on publication and on the amount of paper we produce.  I have been impressed with how the system can be tailored to the individual needs of the Council and we are now looking to extend its use to cover Elections. I would recommend Modern.Gov to others that are looking for an efficient and effective committee management system."

LB Bexley modern.gov Kevin Fox - Head of Committee Services and Scrutiny (January 2010) www.bexley.gov.uk


Kent County Council

"Implementation of the system was straightforward; we were given all the training and support needed to get us up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.  Modern.gov has streamlined support for the democratic process, giving benefits to Members, officers and the public. The support provided by modern.gov is excellent; there is always someone at the end of the phone or email to help with both urgent and non-urgent issues.”

Kent County Council modern.gov Denise Fitch - Assistant Democratic Services Manager (January 2010) www.kent.gov.uk


Wirral MBC

"Wirral Council undertook a comprehensive evaluation, which included consulting with a number of local authorities, who provided us with very positive feedback. It soon became clear to us that modern.gov was by far the best system to meet our needs. It is user friendly and the company is committed to continuing improvement with regular upgrades being made available.

A series of helpful training sessions and comprehensive user manuals were provided and we receive strong, ongoing support from an excellent helpdesk who have a clear understanding of our needs. We also participate in an informative and lively user group forum.”

 Wirral Council modern.govMark Delap - Department of Law, HR and Asset Management​ (January 2010)​ http://www.wirral.gov.uk

Buckinghamshire County Council

"We initially looked at modern.gov along with two other competitors for an agenda / minutes web publication solution.  From our original tender evaluations onwards, it became clear that modern.gov has many other facets, and it now facilitates most of our work within Democratic Services.  It’s enabled us to become more efficient and (we like to think) innovative.

Some modules included within the core package (such as ePetitions and report workflow via the intranet) would typically incur additional costs with other competitors.

modern.gov themselves were very helpful with initial setup and are very responsive in terms of support.

Overall, we are very pleased and would definitely recommend the product to prospective purchasers.”

Buckinghamshire County Council modern.gov Clive Parker - Committee and Administrative Services Manager (January 2010) http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc


St Albans City and District Council

"St Albans bought Modern.gov in 2008 after looking at a range of systems to deliver improved efficiency in publishing to the web and savings in paper and print costs.  It wasn’t the cheapest of the products on the market but it was by far the best value because as well as the basic functionality to collate and publish agendas and minutes it has so many other functionalities included in the price to support the whole range of democratic services activities.


Like everything new it takes a bit of getting used to at first but the support team for the initial training and Go Live were fantastic and the ongoing support is great too.  Overall we are very pleased with our decision to buy it.”

St Albans Council modern.gov Jill Durham - Democratic Services Manager (January 2010) http://www.stalbans.gov.uk/


Epping Forest District Council

 "Epping Forest District Council, facilitated by IEG funding, sought to tender for a minutes and agenda system for the Council. modern.gov were our successful tenderer. We set them the task of going fully live in a three month period which they met without a hitch on 1 April 2005. This included training and an internet presence. We have also upgraded to their .Net version with ease.

The modern.gov pages on our website have consistently been the most visited (after the home page) since that time.  modern.gov have consistently remained responsive to any call for assistance during the last 18 months and the product has proven itself to be a stable and reliable IT system.

Mark and the team from modern.gov continue to bring forward great new ideas to the lively user group which seek to improve the functionality of the system. This system has been a delight to work on."

Epping Forest District Council modern.gov Simon Hill, Senior Democratic Services Officer (December 2006) http://www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/



Vale of White Horse District Council

"We needed to find a system that produced agendas and minutes for our website.  We set up a project team and quickly came to the conclusion that modern.Gov was far and away the best solution for us.  It did everything we wanted and more.  Importantly, it was a tried and tested product, being used by many types of council of varying sizes and could be adapted to suit agenda and minute styles.  Strong support and training along with a user forum and on-line forum have made it a good solution."

Vale of White Horse District Council modern.gov Steve Culliford - Team Leader, Democratic Services (December 2006) www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk


Enfield Council

"After researching various companies in a bid to replace our well used committee management system we discovered modern Gov.

We received a demonstration of the product and knew instantly this software would enhance and improve our daily workload.

We continue to be impressed with the software and the support we receive on a regular basis.

The software is constantly evolving to cope with the requirements of a Local Government Democracy Team.  Long may this continue."

Enfield Council modern.gov Lee Hodges, Information Systems Support Officer (December 2006) http://www.enfield.gov.uk/


Halton Borough Council

"Halton Borough Council was looking to increase efficiency in respect of its Committee agenda and minute management. Although a system was previously available to publish these on the Council's website, it was basic and time consuming for the Committee Team.

 modern.gov has increased efficiency by reducing the amount of time taken to produce, and publish, minutes and agenda. In addition, the system provides a variety of facilities not previously available such as the ability to carry out searches and the opportunity for the public to register an interest in particular topic areas in order to receive notification of related issues.

As there is an ability to automatically advise interested parties when minutes and agenda have been published, it is intended that, in time, the number of paper copies of agenda produced will be reduced, hence resulting in a financial saving for the Authority."

Halton Borough Council modern.gov Lynn Cairns - Committee Services Manager (December 2006) www.halton.gov.uk


Chorley Council

 " Chorley undertook a procurement exercise in 2004 for a Committee Administration software package.  The aim was both to publish agendas, reports and minutes to the web with one click and to make the back office production of committee documentation more efficient.

 During and since implementation we have found modern.gov to give excellent training and support when required.  The system is user friendly and we have made significant cashable and non-cashable savings.

 The system has been very well received.  In particular Councillors like email alerts instead of paper copies notifying the publication of agendas and minutes."

Chorley Council modern.gov Steve Pearce - Assistant Head of Democratic Services (December 2006) www.chorley.gov.uk


Tewkesbury Borough Council

 "Our old system for publishing Agenda, Minutes and reports was complex and often inefficient. Having received presentations from a number of companies offering Committee Management Systems we decided that the package offered by Modern.gov would best suit the needs of our Council.

 modern.gov have been flexible and accommodating in meeting the particular requirements of Tewkesbury Borough Council and implementation of the system went smoothly with the system going live very quickly.

We have been pleased with the system and as time goes by (with a little help when needed!!) we are getting to grips with all of the functions it offers."

Tewkesbury Borough Council modern.gov Lin O'Brien - Head of Democratic Services (April 2005) www.tewkesbury.gov.uk


Huntingdonshire District Council

"At the start, Huntingdonshire was looking to replace a Committee Minutes Retrieval System with a package which would publish our Agenda/Minutes to the District Council's website.  Then we got more ambitious!  Following modern.gov's demonstration, it was clear that the modern.gov system could do so much more, was logical and practical to operate and that modern.gov understood the requirements of the Democratic Services process. From then on, we hoped for a system which could produce/publish our agenda and Forward Plan, operate our customised web based call in system, maintain and manage Members attendance and allowances, present Members details on the intranet and internet and provide a search facility.  No small order!  We weren't disappointed!

With the support received from modern.gov, modern.gov was launched at Huntingdonshire in May 2003 and has since been well received by Members, Officers and the public.  Indeed, modern.gov as part of the District Council's Web site has recently been commended by the Socitm Better Connected Survey.  The assistance offered by modern.gov during installation, training and implementation was excellent and they continue to be very accessible should any difficulties arise.  Existing customers benefit from the continued development of the product and from participation in a regular Users group meeting. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Modern.gov to any authority." 

Huntingdon District Council modern.gov Christine Deller - Democratic Services Manager (April 2005) www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk


London Borough of Newham

"LB Newham was part of a group of six east London boroughs who worked in partnership on an e-democracy project. We wanted to purchase a system that would enable us to publish agendas, reports and minutes, and reduce the administration and printing costs in undertaking committee functions. We also wanted our existing systems to be integrated so that we could keep and publish information about councillors. We wanted a system that could be tailor made to meet our needs and would continue to be developed to accommodate new ways of working.

After going through a tendering and evaluation process we were confident that this would be achieved through the modern.gov system.

The system has been live on our website since March and we are very pleased with the results. It is easy to use and extremely adaptable. It has so many different aspects to it and more are being developed based on our feedback. The company is very flexible, has such a good understanding of our business and our needs and develops the product accordingly.

We are members of the modern.gov user group. The helpdesk is marvellous and they respond so quickly to enquiries. There is a useful forum and comprehensive training manuals. The training is also very good and is continuous so that new staff can be trained. We have had good feedback from users; they have advised us that it is now much easier to find information."

LB Newham modern.gov Debbie Forde - Head of Member Services (October 2004) www.newham.gov.uk


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

"Having viewed a number of different products on the market, modern.gov was chosen by our Joint Venture Partnership with B.T., for its agenda management process, as well as its high degree of document security, which understood the needs of Democratic Services and the targets which must be met in line with legislation.

The support offered by modern.gov was very good and lead to us going live on the Internet within a couple of months. Going live was successful, albeit with a few teething problems which were quickly resolved.

Staff have adapted well to the product, we are looking forward to developing the system further and we're benefiting from the experience being built up by modern.gov's user group."

RotherhamMB Council modern.gov Lewis South - Democratic Services Manager (October 2004) www.rotherham.gov.uk


South Cambridgeshire District Council

"South Cambs District Council originally sought to replace its legacy minutes retrieval system with a more comprehensive software package through which other officers -- and possibly members of the public -- could search minutes of previous meetings. Our research into available software showed us how much more was on offer than just a search engine and modern.gov impressed us straight away with its wide range of features and interactive options for members and the public.

The demonstration confirmed our initial impression and we were delighted at how quickly it was installed and training was arranged. We were very satisfied that the product was specifically tailored for Democratic Services work, and how it clearly illustrates the decision-making process.

"We have been consistently delighted with the response speed and resolution to any questions, technical or otherwise, and the frequent updates which keep it current. We have been live for just over a month now and are about to roll out formal training for officers and members before making a public introduction in December."

South Cambridgeshire District Council modern.gov Holly Adams - Democratic Services Officer (October 2004) www.scambs.gov.uk


Herefordshire Council

"Having been one of the first Councils in the country to introduce a Leader and Cabinet system for decision making, Herefordshire Council was keen to introduce a comprehensive management system to support it.

In drawing up the specification it was important to us that the system could provide an integrated system covering the complete process of Forward Plans, Cabinet agenda items, Reports, Decisions and Call in, as well as supporting the Scrutiny function and traditional committees.

Modern.gov provided a cost-effective solution and we were impressed by the fact that they were committed to continual enhancement of the package and were prepared to customise to our specific requirements."

 Herefordshire Council modern.gov Christine Dyer - Members Services Manager and Executive Officer (October 2004) www.herefordshire.gov.uk


Allerdale Borough Council

"We chose to work with modern.gov because they offered us a package which met our requirements in terms of flexibility and reliability. We were also looking for a software provider who understood the needs of a Democratic Services Section and who were proactive in thinking ahead towards future developments. We were particularly impressed at the customer focussed nature of the product.

Implementation has been smooth and any queries have been dealt with quickly and professionally. We hope to go fully live next month and look forward to improving access to information for Councillors, staff and the public."

 Allerdale Borough Council modern.gov Hazel Cushin - Head of Democratic Services (April 2004) www.allerdale.gov.uk


Swindon Borough Council

"During 2003 we investigated a range of products for enabling web-access to minutes and agendas, and decided that Modern.Gov was the best product for us. Not only did it offer the web facility that we required at a competitive cost, but also enabled a new level of integration of the agenda management process, including comprehensive Member information, tracking of forward plan items and decisions taken.

modern.gov have been extremely helpful in adapting the product to our local circumstances, and we are looking forward to developing the system further and to benefiting from the experience being built up by modern.gov's user group. We are currently populating the system and hope to go live soon."

 Swindon Borough Council modern.gov Ian Willcox - Committee and Member Services Manager (April 2004) www.swindon.gov.uk


Plymouth City Council

"Concurrent with the introduction of the modernised system of local government in May 2002, the City Council took the decision to give all City Councillors direct and personal access to technology by agreeing to give all 57 members a laptop computer and associated printer. Twenty-one councillors were so enabled during 2002/03 with the remaining 36 in 2003/04. They were also given access to a full training programme on demand.

We also embraced the vision of councillors conducting as much of their business as possible on-line and needed a democratic process software system which would allow us to achieve that objective by enhancing and expediting the various processes - particularly scrutiny, decision tracking and call-ins. After careful consideration of the various qualities of the (limited number of) systems available in the market place, we felt that modern.gov was the product for us. It operated in a way, which we felt, was easy to follow and although quite well advanced in a development sense, it still allowed for the necessary level of local customisation. Company staff have been extremely helpful and we are encouraged by the ever growing customer base and the formation of a user group.

Currently we are still in the process of data population but hope to go live soon."

Plymouth City Council modern.gov Peter Smith - Democratic Support Manager (July 2003) www.plymouth.gov.uk



London Borough of Hounslow

"We were keen to get a package, which both met our immediate needs but was flexible enough to change with us. We looked at the market for committee information systems and talked to colleagues in other boroughs - we then felt confident that modern.gov would work for us and we have not been disappointed. modern.gov have been positive and helpful, and really do understand most of the practical issues we face in this area of local government work. We are looking forward to developing the product with modern.gov and its other clients, including participating in a new user group of local authorities."

LB Hounslow modern.gov Frankie Belloli - Head of Committee Services (March 2003) www.hounslow.gov.uk/


Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

"Wakefield MDC purchased modern.gov following a successful two month trial of the software last summer. We received excellent back -up support from modern.gov and found the system met our requirements. It is proposed to implement the system fully to coincide with the introduction of the Authority's new corporate report template. The software will assist and improve the Council's decision making process."

 Wakefield Council modern.gov Tony Ogden - Democratic Services Manager (March 2003) www.wakefield.gov.uk


London Borough of Harrow

"The acquisition of modern.gov by the London Borough of Harrow followed a formal tender process and evaluation of four software systems. We felt that the functionality provided by modern.gov was superior to the other systems but what really made a big difference was the fixed price package being offered - which meant no hidden costs for implementation consultancy, training and essential tailoring of the software to meet our working practices.

We will be going live with the system within the next month and have found modern.gov to be most supporting and accommodating during the implementation process.

The Committee minutes and agenda system is the final phase of a Members I.T. Project which started in the autumn of 2000 with the introduction of e-mail accounts for Members followed by rollout of laptops to them. We envisage that modern.gov will not only streamline processes and enable Committee Officers to be in control of web publication of committee documents, but the search capabilities, call in facilities and e-mail alerts will be of great benefit to Members and encourage them to make more use of their laptops."


LB Harrow modern.gov Shehnaz Fazal - Project Leader (March 2003) http://www.harrow.gov.uk/


Eastleigh Borough Council

"We started to look for a new Democratic Services IT system in 2002 because our existing Minutes and Reports retrieval system was very time consuming to maintain and did not allow us to publish onto the Internet. We invited a few companies to demonstrate their systems and were impressed by both the simplicity of modern.gov and the willingness of modern.gov to work with us on areas we would like to see included in the system. This flexibility was a key factor in our decision to purchase the system and was confirmed by the recent addition of the Reminders element of the system, as this was something we were particularly keen to include.

We are currently testing the system and hope to go live in the Spring. We look forward to continually working with modern.gov on future developments and enhancements."

Eastleigh Borough Council modern.gov Ross Cook - Democratic Services Manager (March 2003) http://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/


Basildon District Council

"modern.gov was the best solution for us in the market place at the time. We particularly liked the way the paperwork could be easily brought together and published. The many peripheral functions were also attractive for general meetings management.

We are very interested in developing the forward planning and related functions of the system and are currently working with modern.gov on changes that are also likely to be useful for other councils. The enthusiasm for development and tailoring the system to individual council needs was a significant influence on our decision to go for modern.gov."

 Basildon Council modern.gov Chris Norrington - Policy and Democratic Services Manager​ (July 2002) http://www.basildon.gov.uk


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

"The old adage "first impressions count" is certainly true with Modern Mindset, and with their modern.gov package first impressions have remained very high.  Like many Local Authorities, the LB of Barking and Dagenham looked to publish agendas and minutes on the Internet at a time when the authority's political structure was changing to meet the needs of new legislation.

Having viewed a number of different products on the market, modern.gov was chosen for its simplicity and functionality, as well as its high degree of customisation to suit the way in which we had approached the legislation.  The flexibility afforded by the offer of a trial basis also gave this Authority "peace of mind" before making any long-term commitment.  We have found modern.gov's approach to be extremely helpful and supportive at all times.  We have and will continue to recommend other councils to take up the demonstration and trial period offered by modern.gov.  We hope to go live on the Internet in the next few months."

LB Barking & Dagenham modern.gov  Barry Ray, Democratic Services Officer (July 2002) http://www.lbbd.gov.uk/Pages/Home.aspx


Argyll and Bute Council

"We looked at a number of products before choosing modern.gov for our committee administration system. We believed that it had a high level of functionality and the customisation features we required were all delivered as promised. We are the first Scottish Local Authority to acquire the system and have found modern.gov to be first class partners in delivering an electronic committee administration system. Early feedback from users of the new system has been very positive."

Argyll and Bute council modern.gov Charles Reppke - Head of Democratic and Community Services (February 2002) www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/



South Kesteven District Council

"South Kesteven invited a number of companies to give presentations on their software systems for managing modernised local government.  It was clear from the presentation by modern.gov that they were ahead of the market in their clear understanding of the requirements of the new legislation and were forward thinking with their approach.  Contact with two other authorities which had already acquired modern.gov confirmed this initial assessment.

The District Council will shortly be going live with the system.  We have been impressed with both the level and speed of response from the company during the trial phase and their willingness to adapt the system to our particular requirements."

 South Kesteven District Council modern.gov Lena Shuttlewood - Cabinet Support Officer (February 2002) www.southkesteven.gov.uk


Leicester City Council

"modern.gov is a comprehensive meeting management system. What particularly attracted us is its ability to enable end users to speedily publish decisions into the public domain. Our current target is to publish cabinet decisions on the Internet within 48 hours."

Leicester City Council modern.gov  Paul Masters - IS Consultant (June 2001) www.leicester.gov.uk


Leicestershire County Council

"During the course of the year 2000 Leicestershire County Council decided to purchase a Committee Management System and began researching the marketplace.

Throughout the course of our research we became aware that there were not many solutions in the marketplace to meet our needs. However, following a presentation by modern.gov we felt that the modern.gov solution could meet the requirements of the County Council. modern.gov already had their system working in a live environment, which reassured us.

We were impressed with the approach of the company and felt we could work in partnership in developing and implementing the solution.

We have undertaken a trial of the system in recent months and went live in June 2001."

 Leicestershire County Council modern.gov Graeme Wardle - Members Secretariat (June 2001) www.leics.gov.uk


London Borough of Richmond

Debora Parr, Corporate Web Manager (June 2001) said the reason LB Richmond decided to purchase modern.gov after months of debate and researching the market place was because:

"Our old system for publishing agendas, minutes and reports to the web was complex, inefficient and time consuming. After examining modern.gov thoroughly, we were happy that it would enable us to offer our Members and Public instant access to electronic documents with the minimum of effort on our part."

      LB Richmond Upon Thames modern.gov Debora Parr -  Corporate Web Manager (June 2001)​ www.richmond.gov.uk​