• HEALTH & COMMUNITY: London Health Commission

    Here at Electoral Reform Services we are always pleased to roll up our sleeves and get involved with grass roots democracy. So when the call came to assist our subsidiary company Membership Engagement Services with an engagement and research... read more

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  • eSTV and vote counting software

    Electronic voting software has demonstrated enormous potential for streamlining the elections process, improving cost-efficiency and offering greater security. 

    This week’s article takes a look at electronic voting software, its... read more

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  • EMPLOYEE EVENT: Sport Relief Bake Sale

    Against the backdrop of World Cup highs and lows, ERS and MES decided to stage another themed Rate My Cake bake sale.

    There were only two rules; entries had to be inspired either by the World Cup or Brazil, and they had to be delicious... read more

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  • MAGNA CARTA: Codifying a UK Constitution

    The Magna Carta, the first charter to limit the monarchy’s power in England, was issued and signed by King John in 1215. As we approach the 800th anniversary of its signing, this week’s blog takes a look at the importance of this document to... read more

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  • New website launch

    The world of digital moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while you might not be providing the best user experience!

    New trends in internet use are constantly emerging. Taking this into account, we have... read more

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  • BLOG: NHS Confederation 2014

    The NHS Confederation Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014 is taking place in Liverpool on the 4-6 of June.

    Ahead of the 2015 general election this year’s conference is themed around the scale and nature of change required to ensure a... read more

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  • CASE STUDY: Record participation in India’s Elections

    Last month was hailed by many observers as the most democratic in history. Elections took place in six countries, encompassing a total electorate of over one billion people. 

    The recent Indian General Election achieved record levels of... read more

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  • Televised election debates

    With the European and local elections just around the corner and next year’s parliamentary, local and parish council elections to consider, this week we are blogging about the relatively recent introduction of televised election debates in the... read more

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  • Social media and paperless governance

    Over the last few months there have been several instances of social media being harnessed by local councils, in order to create more open forums of discussion. This week’s article takes a closer look at these methods, and the potential... read more

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  • Gamification and its role in democratic engagement

    There has been a great deal of recent discussion concerning methods of encouraging voter participation. These range from community-led events, such as Bite the Ballot’s recent National Voter Registration Day, to the introduction of innovative... read more

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  • NHS: Healthwatch a year on

    Healthwatch was launched in April 2013 to replace and expand on the network of Local Involvement Networks (LINks) in the UK. 152 local Healthwatch organisations were set up to promote the voices of health and social care users, and ensure that... read more

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  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The AEA Conference 2014

    ERS were proud to support The Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) by exhibiting once again at its annual conference earlier this month, at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool. The conference has always been an extremely popular event,... read more

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  • NHS: Start the digital conversation in the NHS democracy (HSJ article)

    With election turnouts varying wildly across the NHS organisations, Luke Ashby looks at how digital technology and social media can identify, inform and inspire people to vote. 

    Please read the full article on the HSJ website.

    ... read more
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  • DEMOCRACY EVENT: The ERIS Annual Democracy Lecture

    Unfortunately, the ERIS Annual Democracy Lecture 2014 has had to be postponed. Due to reporting commitments for Channel 4 on the ongoing events in the Ukraine, it cannot be guaranteed that Lindsey Hilsum will be back by 12 March. There was... read more

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  • AGMs and handheld voting

    An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important event for an organisation; it is a key function of the relationship between an organisation and its members or shareholders. At Electoral Reform Services, we assist over 100 organisations annually... read more

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  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT: National Voter Registration Day 5th February 2014

    Popular involvement in politics is a key topic of discussion among the general public; the perceived political apathy among sections of the electorate, and methods of addressing this issue, are areas of intense debate.

    Our latest Case... read more

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  • Case Study: Election process overview video









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  • CASE STUDY: The evolution of voting

    ERS has been administering ballots for over 100 years; in that time we have seen many changes to voting methods and materials, this week’s blog takes a look at some of the more significant developments. Below is a photo of vote counting at ERS... read more

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    Can we start by asking a bit about your background and your work before becoming our IT Director? After graduating (my degree was in Politics and Philosophy), I did various jobs including at one point working for an IT consultancy which was... read more

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  • EMPLOYEE EVENT: Christmas party 2013

    The annual Electoral Reform Services group Christmas party is always a highlight of the festive season.

    Especially now the group includes Membership Engagement Services, Xpress and Modern.Gov! 

     Wishing... read more

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