• HEALTH & COMMUNITY: London Health Commission

    Here at Electoral Reform Services we are always pleased to roll up our sleeves and get involved with grass roots democracy. So when the call came to assist our subsidiary company Membership Engagement Services with an engagement and research... read more

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  • eSTV and vote counting software

    Electronic voting software has demonstrated enormous potential for streamlining the elections process, improving cost-efficiency and offering greater security. 

    This week’s article takes a look at electronic voting software, its... read more

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  • BLOG: NHS Confederation 2014

    The NHS Confederation Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014 is taking place in Liverpool on the 4-6 of June.

    Ahead of the 2015 general election this year’s conference is themed around the scale and nature of change required to ensure a... read more

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  • Gamification and its role in democratic engagement

    There has been a great deal of recent discussion concerning methods of encouraging voter participation. These range from community-led events, such as Bite the Ballot’s recent National Voter Registration Day, to the introduction of innovative... read more

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  • NHS: Healthwatch a year on

    Healthwatch was launched in April 2013 to replace and expand on the network of Local Involvement Networks (LINks) in the UK. 152 local Healthwatch organisations were set up to promote the voices of health and social care users, and ensure that... read more

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  • NHS: Start the digital conversation in the NHS democracy (HSJ article)

    With election turnouts varying wildly across the NHS organisations, Luke Ashby looks at how digital technology and social media can identify, inform and inspire people to vote. 

    Please read the full article on the HSJ website.

    ... read more
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  • CASE STUDY: The evolution of voting

    ERS has been administering ballots for over 100 years; in that time we have seen many changes to voting methods and materials, this week’s blog takes a look at some of the more significant developments. Below is a photo of vote counting at ERS... read more

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  • NHS: Foundation Trust Network Conference 2013

    Following the annual FTN conference this week here is a round-up of the action!

    Both ERS and MES attended; key topics of conversation included using digital communications to support traditional methods of raising election awareness... read more

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  • A NEW ERA FOR THE NHS: Foundation Trust Hospitals

    To conclude our posts on the changing NHS landscape, today we are looking at Foundation Trust (FT) Hospitals. At Electoral Reform Services we take a holistic view of delivering democracy, and we have a long history working with FTs; The... read more

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  • A NEW ERA FOR THE NHS: Health and Wellbeing Boards

    Another set of new bodies created as a result of the Health and Social Care Act are the Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs), not to be confused with Heathwatch. There are 152 HWBs across the country and, like Healthwatch; they each represent a... read more

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  • A NEW ERA FOR THE NHS: Healthwatch

    This week’s blog continues to look at the NHS landscape now that the new Health and Social Care Act has gone live. In this article we examine the provision for the general public and patients to get involved with their local healthcare services... read more

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  • A NEW ERA FOR THE NHS: Clinical Commissioning Groups

    The new Health and Social Care Act went live on April 1st 2013. In this post we will be looking at how democracy plays a part in healthcare budgets under the new system, specifically for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

    ... read more

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  • A NEW ERA FOR THE NHS: Making sense of the landscape

    On April 1st 2013 the newly re-structured NHS went online. What does this new landscape for healthcare look like at a local level and where does democracy fit in?

    A good resource is the Department of Health’s interactive diagram... read more

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