New Legislation for Paperless Committee Meetings

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    January was a pivotal month for and its clients; new legislation means that Councils will be able to hold entirely paperless committee meetings. This is a momentous step towards councils being able to go completely paperless for Councillors at Committee Meetings, lawfully and without any workarounds.

    The #AskPickles discussions

    Paperless committee meetings were brought into light as part of last year’s #AskPickles sessions, with support from the Association of Democratic Services Officers (ADSO).  A number of Twitter users submitted questions asking the Government to change the law so that councils could send agendas electronically.

    We monitored last year’s #AskPickles discussions closely, and were delighted to see that the Government committed to implement this change. Our previous blog post on social media and paperless governance highlighted the usefulness of channels such as Twitter in bringing these issues to wider attention.

    Parliament and the use of Digital

    Simon Hill at Epping Forest Council has been a key figure in discussions of paperless committee meetings, and has ensured that this topic has remained in the spotlight. This was even cited in the ‘Open Up’ report published by the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy, as an example of using digital to strengthen links between Parliament and the public.


    Simon spoke positively of the potential cost savings and efficiency that this new legislation allows, and made the following comments about Epping’s digital future:

    “At Epping, members have embraced new technology, from a point in 2005 - when many didn’t have an email address or even a PC - to seeing technology routinely used by 50% of members at meetings. I think the objective will be to ensure that those entering Council service in May 2015 embrace new methods, and to show the old hands the way in adopting a greater digital presence”.

    Paperless Solutions was established over fourteen years ago, working to support methods of paperless communication within the Local Authority sector. Since 2000 we have been providing development, support and maintenance service through our committee management system.  As of December 2014, the system for committee management is used by over 230 clients.

    We are delighted that this legislation has been pushed through, and we continue to research new innovations in the public sector. For regular updates, follow us on Twitter through @GovModern

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