Decision management logistics in leads to improved access to information through the speeding up of internal and external publication

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  • Election results - The elections results module displays data for local council, national and parish elections. This includes breakdown by ward and candidate and gives comparisons with previous elections. Results are displayed in both tabular and graphical formats. The results are compatible with the Local Open Data Community RDF standard for election results 
  • A Decisions web page is available to inform enquirers of all decisions made or to be made. All information pertaining to the decision is linked together and available from this page. Web users can readily drill-down on any item and view its history and any future activity scheduled
  • Management reports module providing many data reports defined by your requirements
  • Interdepartmental working providing different council departments the access to use to manage committees and meetings; however Democratic
  • Services can ultimately have total security over these committees if required
  • Generic documentation publishing provides the ability to publish statutory and other background documents with ease
  • Welsh language support module
  • Integrated IPSV support
  • A fully secured and audited system to safeguard sensitive documents

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