Meeting Management supports modern governance for both traditional processes and the online working revolution

Meeting Management offers many features to help you with meeting management that have been refined over fifteen years of use.

  • Comprehensive database of forward plans, agendas, minutes, decisions, call-ins and reports
  • Creates electronic document packs as PDF files, including running page numbering, headers, restricted notices and watermarks
  • Supplementary agendas feature
  • Automatic report format conversion, both PDF and HTML links are available automatically for all documents published
  • Comprehensive security allowing for all common types of information to be published fully secured, safeguarding sensitive documents
  • Selective Intranet / Internet publishing
  • Free-text searching via web on all content including scanned material
  • Web-based submission of agenda items, reports and plan items by officers in other departments, motions and substitutions by members
  • Room and location database
  • Working-draft export feature to enable off-system working
  • Automated management of paper copy counts and label printing
  • Automatically generated web-based timetable of meetings

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