Workflow will assist you in managing the democratic process workflow by providing delivery of all e-government Priority Services Outcomes for democratic services

Meeting Table includes as a standard part of the product a fully configurable workflow.

This workflow allows users to construct sequences of actions on different people or bodies to deliver a series of outcomes towards an end goal (e.g. making a decision).

For example, a typical committee decision may consist of the following tasks or actions

  • Write report
  • Review report
  • Sign-off report
  • Decision at committee
  • Implement decision

This entire process can be managed from the intranet pages using our workflow. will prompt the various assigned people when they can start their task (i.e. report review cannot start until report writing is complete) and allows the assigned person to access the item in question (e.g. the draft report) and record their progress.

The workflow is fully integrated with the rest of the product giving benefits such as automatic generation of agenda items and implementation actions. In its ultimate expression, each plan item can include the workflow to take the decision from plan through the decision making process and on to implementation.


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