Workflow Software

We understand that no two organisations have the same processes so Modern.Gov’s workflow module is highly adaptable and configurable.

Modern.Gov’s workflow module helps you manage the many steps you take towards making decisions and preparing reports, while ensuring transparency and accountability.

It includes features to streamline administrative duties and eliminate delays and duplication of effort.

An entire decision-making process can be managed in Modern.Gov. The system will prompt the relevant people to start or complete tasks and it allows the assigned person to access the item in question (e.g. the draft report) and record their progress.

The workflow is fully integrated within Modern.Gov so actions and agendas are automatically generated.

Workflow Management Software Features

  • Dashboards for an ‘at a glance’ view of your decision-making process
  • Auditable report review and sign off
  • Automatic prompts for people to write, review or sign off decisions/reports
  • Reports, automatically linked to meetings
  • Version control; full history of all the released versions of the reports, without duplication
  • Meeting organiser controls, so you can restrict access
  • Central storage of report files makes it easy to reassign tasks
  • Statistics and reporting tools

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Call us on 020 8365 8909 or make an online enquiry to discuss how Modern.Gov’s Meeting Management software can help you.